Website/ Social Media Management and Consultancy

Please browse through this section of our site to view some examples of the website/ social media management and consultancy services we can provide. 

Oasis Rent A Car

Website Design and Online Consultancy Services

Oasis Rent A Car is a local car rental service based in Neo Klima. They recently asked us to create a simple website (in both English and Greek)displaying prices and linking to their other business interests. We developed a design to their specification which can be viewed by clicking the picture on the right. We also provided online consultancy service to help them direct web traffic to the business and to take control of their google business account.

The Sporades Islands Preservation Foundation

Website Design/ Social Media Management

The Sporades Islands Preservation Foundation (SIPF) is a local NGO working to preserve traditional sustainable production practices whilst informing both local and international participants of new sustainability innovations. They run events, educational courses and eco-tourism packages to help promote the Sporades Islands whilst furthering their cause of sustainable living.

Skopelos Media have been working closely with the Foundation to provide high quality digital media materials for their events, programs and online presence. We have designed a new website for them whilst also maintaining their social media presence. We have also produced several professional films for their cause which can be viewed in our Media Gallery.

Sporades Soaps (Natural Cosmetics)

Website Redesign & Product Photography

Sporades Soaps asked Skopelos Media to help redesign their web presence and supply them with updated product photographs.

We developed their website to reflect the customer's requests whilst also applying our skills in marketing, online media and translation to further develop their vision.

We produced high quality product photographs at their business location near Agios Ioannis, Skopelos and made sure we were unobstructive to the sales activities during the photo shoot. 

Neo Klima, Skopelos Community

Website/ Social Media Management

Skopelos Media has created a wide reaching online presence for the community of Neo Klima, Skopelos.

We have built an easy to navigate and highly informative website, designed to inform residents and visitors about the events, businesses and activities available in and around the village. 

Whilst maintaining the website and creating new content for it on a regular basis, we also provide social media management for the community . We have created and regularly update a:

to help promote the village to potential tourists and to help the community keep informed about upcoming events and local news.

Skopelos Media created a simple yet functional website for The Muses Restaurant and Traditional Grill, Skopelos. The website features a promotional video (created by Skopelos Media), a google map location of the restaurant, a brief description of the establishment and numerous photos of the staff and location. The website can be translated into any language to maximise user experience and has proved to help increase yearly bookings at the restaurant.