Video Gallery

Skopelos Media can provide High Definition video capture for live events, promotional materials, short film production and community projects. We also offer editing services for pre-captured video.

Please browse this section of our site to view some of our previous projects on Skopelos Island.

Donated Work

Merry Chritsmas 2017

Neo Klima, Skopelos

The community leaders of Neo Klima invited Skopelos Media to film their annual Christmas market and celebration. The event was a great success and fun was had by children and adults alike.

Sack-Race 2017

Neo Klima, Skopelos

Skopelos Media spent a day at this years annual Sack Race in Neo Klima, Skopelos. We had a great time filming the kids and grown-ups competing in the races and we were able to capture this video to help promote the event.

International Sailing Week:

Neo Klima, Skopelos (2017)

Skopelos Media were invited to capture the events of this years International Sailing Week in Neo Klima, Skopelos. The village provided food and entertainment to the participants and we were there to record the action. This work was donated to the village to help boost tourism and commerce in the area.

Acropolis Jet Raid Championship:

Neo Klima, Skopelos (15/06/2017)

Skopelos Media captured the Jet Raid Championship event, which took place on 15 June 2017 in Neo Klima, Skopelos. Congratulations to all who took part in the race and a big thank you to the businesses, organizations and residents of New Klima who supported the event. Skopelos Media donated the work done on this video to help promote the village of Neo Klima, Skopelos.

Α.Ο. Κεραυνός: Τουρνουά Ποδοσφαίρου Νέου Κλήματος - Τελικός (13/04/2017)

(A.O Keravnos: Football Tournament, Neo Klima - Finals)

Skopelos Media produced a highlight video of the final game in this year's football tournament in Neo Klima. We donated the video to help the teams and local athletics associations promote their sporting events.

Well done to all who participated!

Ο Γύρος του Ελιους - 5χλμ "Νικολαος Σαλπαδημος" (2017)

(The Elios 5KM Run dedicated to Nikolaos Salpadimos)

Skopelos Media were kindly invited to help promote and record the annual Elios 5KM on 10/04/2017. We happily donated our services for this community event and we would like to thank the organisers, volunteers and everyone who competed for a fun and exciting day.

Let's Do It Greece (2017)

Skopelos Media proudly accepted the chance to help out with the 'Let's Do It Greece' projects which took place in Neo Klima this year. We created a short video documenting the events in order to assist in the the promotion of this important community project. 

Well done to all who took part!


The Sporades Islands Preservation Foundation

2017 Program

Skopelos Media were proud to be involved in this years program of events for the Sporades Islands Preservation Foundation (SIPF). The foundation is based in Glossa, Skopelos and works to preserve traditional sustainable production methods whilst promoting the philosophies of sustainable development and sustainable living. We were asked to produce a series of video covering the Fun Fashion Week, The Health and Stress-Management Event and SatfyloFest 2017. 

For more information about the SIPF and it's Centre for Sustainable life please visit their FACEBOOK PAGE (maintained by Skopelos Media).

Skopelos Media has also developed a new website for the Sporades Islands Preservation Foundation which can by accessed by Clicking the link below.



Welcome to Neo Klima, Skopelos (2018)

Skopelos Media were recently invited to create a promotional video designed to help boost tourism in the village of Neo Klima, Skopelos. We had a great time working with the head of the village, Georgia Diamantou, and the rest of the community. For more information about the beautiful village please visit their website (designed by Skopelos Media) by clicking the link below.

A Brief Guide to Agios Ioannis, Skopelos (2017)

Agios Ioannis is a small chapel on Skopelos Island. It gained international attention when the location was used in the blockbuster film 'Mamma Mia!' (2008). We hope this guide helps make your visit there a pleasant one.

Skopelos Media produced this video in order to help boost tourism on Skopelos Island, specifically around the village of Neo Klima. We hope it is helpful to visitors of Skopelos and of Agios Ioannis Chapel.

Sedoukia: A Brief Guide (2017)

To help boost tourism in the area, Skopelos Media produced this short video as a guide to the ancient grave site at Sedoukia. The video serves to inform tourists about the best route to the site as well as providing general information and advice about their visit.

Product/ Promotional Videos

Exodus Club GR - Skopelos (2017)

A short video showing an average night in the Exodos Club GR, Skopelos. Skopelos Media created this video for the Exodos Club GR to help showcase the nightlife in Skopelos Chora.

Skopelos Media can provide professional promotional videos for products, services or events on Skopelos Island. We have access to high-quality video, audio and photo capture technology and we are fully trained to a professional standard in post-production software packages (video/audio/photo editing, visual effects, 3D animation etc). Please contact us via this website or our facebook page for more information.

Local Businesses

Madalaki Cafe, Neo Klima, Skopelos

Madalaki Cafe in Neo Klima Skopelos/ Νέο Κλήμα Σκοπέλου recently asked Skopelos Media to create a short promotional film showcasing their location. Madalaki Cafe celebrated their 2nd birthday this year and hope you will join them this summer season.

Visit their website for more information by

Clicking Here.

Muses Restaurant, Skopelos (2014)

Here is an example of our earlier work.We created this video for friends at Muses Restaurant, Skopelos during our visit here in 2014.While we didn't have access to the high quality equipment we now use, the video has proved very useful to the owners.

Avgeri Cottage, Rental Villa (2015)

Here again is an example of our earlier work. This video was produced to help promote a rental villa on Skopelos Island. It was created using stills photography, dslr video and a waterproof action camera. Again the quality of the work does not reflect our current capabilities as we hadlimited resources available at the time.